“Our Goal is Service”: How Sean Lindsey Founded a Company that Gives Back

Headshot of Sean Lindsey, founder of PGS Worldwide

By Emily Wellborn Sean Lindsey doesn’t see himself as a leader. PGS Worldwide’s founder is a teammate, a teacher, and a fan. His idea of leadership is letting the skill set of his staff shine while giving back to his community. Specifically, Sean started PGS with the goal of supporting fellow veterans with opportunities when… Read More »

From MOS to CV: Translating Your Military Experience Into Employable Skills

By Brad Davis The process of transitioning from military service to civilian employment can seem daunting to many service members. One of the biggest challenges veteran jobseekers face is transferring the skills and knowledge they gained during their military career to civilian jobs, and, in particular, translating them into traits that non-military hiring managers can… Read More »

Four Keys for Hiring (and Retaining) Millennials

By Brad Davis Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. professional workforce, representing 35% of all workers, according to the Pew Research Center. This generational shift has caused some painful transitions for employers as they must adapt to the changing needs of today’s workers. In order to hire and retain millennial employees, employers… Read More »

PGS Shows Our Appreciation

By Amanda DeJesus Employee Appreciation Day gives us an opportunity to look at how PGS Worldwide shows our appreciation to our contractors. One way that we show how much we value our workforce is through our tradition of the PGS challenge coin. After being on contract with PGS for 30 days, contractors receive a special… Read More »

Gen Z Wants to Work – Under These Conditions

By: Hannah Denne Generation Z – colloquially referred to as “Gen Z” – is known by a few names: iGen, the Net Gen. In current public discussion, though, Gen Z seems to by their work ethic; or supposed lack thereof. If this is the case, there is cause for concern – according to data collected… Read More »

Making A Career Work for You: The Future of Hiring

By Emily Wellborn As the COVID-19 public health emergency expires this year, what pandemic-era staffing trends can we expect to stick around, evolve or disappear? 1.   Tech Industry layoffs don’t mean hiring is slowing down. We relied on companies such as Microsoft, Zoom, and Google as we shifted to remote work almost overnight, leading to… Read More »

The Green Comet: A Cosmic Celebrity

According to scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will either return to Earth’s skies in 50 millennia, or it may never come back again. The last time C/2022 E3 (ZTF) passed Earth was during the ice age! We sure hope you got to witness the now-famous green streak while #stargazing earlier this month, as… Read More »

Why Full-Service Staffing Makes a Difference

By Amanda DeJesus At PGS, we pride ourselves on offering full-service recruitment for our candidates. We take our time in evaluating candidates’ career histories, tailoring their resumes specifically to roles that interest them before sending them off to our clients. The PGS difference lies in our dedication to quality and satisfaction on all fronts. We… Read More »

NASA’s Lucy Mission Takes Flight

NASA’s Lucy mission is the first of its kind headed to the Trojan asteroids orbiting Jupiter. Take a look at how Lucy could profoundly change the way we understand our solar system: 5 cool things to know about NASA’s Lucy mission to the Trojan asteroids… Read More »

Perseverance’s First Major Successes on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance team has reached three incredible milestones on its Mars mission: “collecting the first rock core samples, flying the Ingenuity helicopter, and publishing our first scientific results about the Jezero Crater delta.” Read more about the mission’s early success here: https://www.space.com/perseverance-mars-rover-first-major-science… Read More »