Built for Efficiency
and Accuracy

PGS Worldwide’s unique and proprietary recruiting process is designed and tailored to the needs of clients that utilize a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program.

We are laser-focused on results, delivering accurate matches, faster hires and improved outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

  • Streamlined: Our process ensures consistent service and fast delivery, even for the most complex projects.
  • Accurate: We focus on total alignment with every placement.
  • Efficient: We quickly respond with vetted, verified and aligned talent.
  • Compliant: We understand the industry inside and out, and are committed to delivering total compliance in all aspects of the business.
  • Quality Control: Our team is continually evaluating service and accuracy from submission through hire.
  • Expert-Driven: Our recruiters are experts in working within the Managed Service Provider and specialize in the positions they are assigned to work.

Our Expertise

PGS Worldwide is a leading supplier of talent to aerospace and defense contractors that utilize MSP programs for their contingent workforce. We have successfully recruited talent in all verticals of the aerospace and defense industry including engineering, management, administration and light industrial. We have placed over a thousand talented team members with three of the largest, most innovative aerospace and defense companies working on cutting-edge projects for NASA and the Department of Defense. We are experts in recruiting veterans and proudly support our military and veteran communities.

Measurably Superior Results

PGS Worldwide is a leading supplier to multiple Fortune 500 aerospace and defense MSP staffing programs, consistently outperforming other agencies for our clients. Our unique and proprietary recruiting process allows us to efficiently recruit more types of positions over a broader geographical area.

When speed, accuracy and results matter, PGS delivers.

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