What’s that in the sky? The History of Full Moons’ Names

A full Harvest Moon in the night sky with stars in the background.

By: Hannah Denne Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the Blue Corn Moon? Well, this time last September, you very well may have! Titles such as this – as well as this month’s full moon, the Hunter’s Moon, originate from a variety of cultures and reflect their scientific and traditional understandings of the… Read More »

Five Common Interview Questions (And Answers That’ll Get You Hired)

Man in a yellow shirt smiling during a successful job interview.

By: Brad Davis Imagine that you’ve just been offered an interview for your dream job. You’ve updated your resume. You’ve composed a beautiful cover letter. You’re wearing your best professional outfit. You’ve fixed your hair. You’ve pumped yourself up in the mirror with a little motivational speech. Then, you sit down in the chair across… Read More »

With “A Little Luck and A Lot of Work” Ian Holds Onto Every Detail of Recruiting

Recruiter Ian Lindsey poses with his wife and three daughters.

By: Emily Wellborn Ian Lindsey has a propensity for conversation. A natural at connecting with others and the son of PGS Worldwide Founder Sean Lindsey, he loves diving into the unknown to perform recruiting for Information Technology roles and helping as many people as he can along the way. The family man with the “stupid… Read More »

How To Write A Great Resume

A man typing his resume on a laptop.

By: Dominique McCrary Writing a resume does not have to be like pulling teeth. There are some very important things to include within a great resume. Follow this guide to present your professional self and lock yourself into your next career. Choosing a Layout: Layout is the first thing anyone notices about written work, including… Read More »

No, not a machine operator – Machinist! There’s a difference.

By: Hannah Denne Here at PGS Worldwide, we hire for a wide range of positions: from Sanitation Workers, to Payroll, to Aeronautical Engineers. We work with industry-leading Aerospace companies to create opportunities for our employees to work a wide range of exciting positions. One position we are lucky to get to hire for is the… Read More »

Getting Across The Finish Line: Heidi gets employees from Offers to Starts

Onboarding Specialist Heidi Zimmerman on a river vacation in Colorado.

By: Emily Wellborn Security Clearances, hiring paperwork, and coordinating with managers across the country: Heidi Zimmerman has a plan for that. Our Onboarding Specialist knows how to balance priorities, remain available for every PGS Worldwide employee, and ensure hires turn into starts and careers. As a critical member of our Human Resources team, Heidi, alongside… Read More »

A Different Kind of Defense: How Lockheed Martin Uses AI to Fight Wildfires

Photo of a wildfire on the horizon, which Lockheed Martin is working to combat with using AI.

By Brad Davis  National security has always been a top priority for Lockheed Martin, as the world’s largest defense contractor by revenue. However, while the company primarily focuses on the military sector, they have recently begun shifting their attention toward combatting a different threat to America’s security: wildfires. Wildfires continue to grow in size, intensity,… Read More »

Devonta Toles is Working For His Future, and Yours Too

By: Emily Wellborn Would, should, and could are not in Recruiter Devonta Toles’ vocabulary. During the month of June – marking his one-year anniversary at PGS Worldwide – he is focused on grinding to create better futures for himself and for everyone around him.  Despite proving himself as a strong recruiter throughout his tenure, Devonta… Read More »

The Hunt For The Perfect Candidate: Lisa Recruits with a Personal Touch

PGS Worldwide Recruiter Lisa Hill's headshot in front a dark background.

By Emily Wellborn One of PGS Worldwide’s most seasoned and successful recruiters, Lisa Hill is resilient; with interpersonal skills honed by 10 years of hiring experience. Driven by the hunt for the perfect fit, she’s found a way for someone to always benefit from her competitive edge. “I’m very competitive in a sense,” Lisa said.… Read More »

Brad Davis: Writer, Educator, Jeopardy! Contestant

PGS Worldwide Talent Acquisition Writer Brad Davis poses next to Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik during his time on the gameshow.

By Emily Wellborn Talent Acquisition Writer Brad Davis prefers to know and explain how the world works. His varied interests from creative writing to complex technologies make him a great writer – and a natural trivia savant. Soon, Brad will be sharing his love of knowledge with a new, national audience on Jeopardy!., but when… Read More »