Spacewalk Insights

Ever wondered what it takes to do a spacewalk? Check out this article and find out:… Read More »

Supersonic Flight Options to Become Available

Would you fly in an airplane traveling faster than the speed of sound? You just might be in luck! United Airlines has laid plans to add Boom Supersonic aircraft to its passenger airliner fleets, offering faster speeds for travelers. Read more here:… Read More »

NASA to Return to Venus

With NASA recently announcing a campaign featuring two future missions to Venus, you might be wondering why space exploration is putting the focus back on Earth’s sister planet – check out this article for a history of past exploration to Venus, as well as a look into why the upcoming missions are so important.… Read More »

NASA & Climate Change

NASA is prioritizing climate change in its new Earth-focused missions aimed at enhancing climate resilience and gathering more vital information about how climate change impacts our planet. Read more about this push to expand how we understand climate change here:… Read More »

Space Debris Removal Initiative

As humans continue to venture on missions to space, space junk and debris continue to pile up in the cosmos. Recognizing space junk as a potential danger to satellites and other in-orbit objects, the European Space Agency has just announced that it will embark on a space debris removal mission in 2025. Read more here:… Read More »

Long March 5B Core Stage Falling Unpredictably Back to Earth

China accidentally sent a mission launcher into orbit along with the first module for their space station – now it’s slowly and unpredictably falling back to Earth over the next week or so. Huge rocket looks set for uncontrolled reentry following Chinese space station launch… Read More »

NASA Looks at Oxygen Production on Mars

How will NASA’s Perseverance rover change the way we look at our possible future on Mars? Check out this article to see how scientists are using this rover to pave the way for colonization on the Red Planet:… Read More »

NASA Honors Hidden Figures

In news from NASA HQ, NASA has announced that the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA. Read more about this historic event and how NASA plans to increase the visibility of Hidden Figures, such as Jackson, by honoring them in a… Read More »

Lunar Timeline

Over the centuries, Earth’s closest celestial neighbor has been a source of great scientific discovery and space exploration. Check out this Lunar Timeline of Humanity’s Exploration of the Moon and examine how we’ve worked to chip away at the moon’s mysteries over the years.… Read More »

First Color Photo of Mars Captured

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter captured the first color photo of Mars on its journey traversing the Red Planet from Jezero Crater, an ancient lakebed with temperatures as low as -130°F.… Read More »