Snowy Stargazing

The starry night sky is a vision to behold from anywhere on planet Earth, but you’ll need a jacket (and plenty of other warm layers) if you plan to visit the place where the stars are most clearly visible:… Read More »

Asteroid Sampling Underway

Japan’s asteroid sampling spacecraft, the Hayabusa2, is set to land with its extremely important cargo in Australia this December upon the capsule’s re-entry! The samples of asteroids from Ryugu could provide a wealth of new information to scientists about the harsh forces of outer space and their effect on asteroids over time. Check out the… Read More »

“Thunderclap Across the Universe” Heard by Scientists

A “thunderclap across the universe” was heard by astrophysicists studying the “sounds” made by various cosmic events using gravitational-wave detectors. Their latest discovery, a deep “bang” never heard before, is thought to be the product of the largest black-hole merger seen to date. Read more about the newest addition to the symphony of the universe… Read More »

Scents from Space

Ever wonder what the moon smells like? Well, you’re in luck! Scientists may be close to giving us an idea about its cosmic aroma. Read more about how Michael Moisseeff is capturing the moon’s scent here:… Read More »

6 Emerging Aerospace Technologies to Look Out For

Aerospace is an industry that is constantly experiencing innovation; here are 6 emerging Aerospace technologies on the horizon that you’ll want to keep an eye out for:… Read More »

Dozens of “Superhospitable” Planets Discovered

While Earth is the planet we all call home, two dozen other planets more hospitable to complex life have been identified outside of our solar system. These “superhospitable” planets may be too far away for us to study right now, but scientists are excited about what this discovery may mean for the future of space… Read More »

Artemis Accord Signed by 8 Nations

The Artemis Accord, let by the United States, was signed by 8 nations and pertains to responsible exploration of the moon and establish a sustainable human presence on and around the moon by the end of the decade. This accord is vital as it serves to avoid certain conflicts about moon exploration and ensure countries… Read More »

PGS Worldwide Named in Top 10 Fastest Growing Staffing Firms in US

PGS Worldwide was recently named #5 in Staffing Industry Analysts’s list of Fastest Growing Staffing Firms in the US! See our profile on SIA’s website featuring an exclusive interview with our founder, Sean Lindsey, and our VP of Business Operations, Dustin Couts. See more information about this award and PGS’s rating here:… Read More »

Contractor Etiquette: be a Contractor Everyone Loves

Anyone who has worked for a staffing company knows that being a contractor is a little bit different than being a permanent employee. Many contractors, after they decide they enjoy working at a company, wish to make the transition to permanent employee. At PGS Worldwide, we have a record setting 60% conversion rate. We achieve… Read More »

Ace the Interview: Cast away your fears to land that position

So you’ve landed the interview and you’re one step closer to landing that Aerospace position you’ve been dreaming of. The only thing standing in your way is that pesky interview. Maybe you always choke in the interview or you’ve been at your last job so long, you don’t really know what the interview process is… Read More »