Alabama Trailblaze: Progress update

Easter has come and gone and the PGS Headquarters received a smattering of snow despite the Spring Equinox a few weeks ago. As we begin moving into our busy season of hiring, we wanted to remind everyone of one of our star contractors, David Miron. If you recall from the last post, we expressed our enthusiasm for Orbital ATK contractor, David Miron who is participating in the Alabama Trailblaze Hike. Amid his busy schedule with Orbital and rigorous training schedule he has set for himself in preparation for this hike, we got to catch up with David and ask how his training is going.

David told PGS that he recently went on a hike to the Walls of Jericho in Hytop, AL. The hike is seven miles in and out and is considered a hard trail due to the steep changes in elevation and obstacles. The hike also features a downhill trek to a waterfall at the end of the trail, which means an uphill journey back up the trail. David did mention that he had to ditch his combat boots he usually wears on his hikes to break in his new trail shoes. “They are so much better at gripping the trail. The only downfall is that the harder soles are terrible on wet surfaces. I slipped and halfway fell into a stream after walking on some wet stones.”

Although there’s still a full month before David starts the Trailblaze hike, he feels confident that he’s well prepared for the hike. Not to mention he has a marathon to run later this month. He has a couple more practice hikes to go on, but he feels sufficiently prepared. When asked how he chooses his hikes, David told us, “The hikes I go on are based on difficulty and distance and it’s a great excuse to go to new places…The places I go to are places I’ve wanted to go for a while.”

With the majority of his training out of the way, David really only has to think about his fundraising goal. We were excited to learn that along with a little help from his family, friends and co-workers, David was able to not only reach his fundraising goal, but exceed it! While David has reached his personal goal, Make A Wish Alabama has a little under $100K to go before reaching their target goal. There is, however, still plenty of time to contribute to Make A Wish Alabama. Whether you are local to Alabama or not, any donation, big or small will surely be appreciated.

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