PGS Worldwide…worked with me and helped me secure an amazing job. [They] took the time to understand my skill set, leveraged my military training and experience along with my engineering degree to find an aerospace position for more money and job satisfaction than I ever thought possible. I am truly living the dream.

Paul C.

I want to say thank you for everything! I was VERY happy with all you did and all the help you gave me! I will be converting to an OATK Employee on 3/5. I have talked to many contractors that are having a hard time with their contract company. There are many complaints and I feel you all were the exact opposite of everything they complain about. I have given out your contact information  to a lot of people. I will continue to give your information out. I have also talked to 2 others that work with PGS and they are by far happier with you than most of the contractors are with their own companies. Again, THANK YOU for everything!


Jason M.

Your employees have played an important role in the success of this [Assembly Manufacturing] team and on behalf of DCR, I just wanted to extend our appreciation and gratitude for finding such talented, dedicated people to meet this tremendous need.

Walt L., Lockheed Martin

I feel so blessed and so thankful to be given this opportunity. Thank you for helping me in my job search!

Brittany L.

Thank you for the kind words and especially for representing me so well.

Claudia R.

You make thanking you so easy, you’re awesome. Helpful would not even begin to express your dedication to [the] job. Your swift response and willingness to achieve each of my requests [was] phenomenal.

Michael W.

I love [your] enthusiasm and [your] dedication to Orbital ATK. Thank you again. 🙂

Jill G., Orbital ATK